3rd October 2022 to 8th October 2022

World This Week

The world this week is an attempt to provide worldly news to kids once a week. The idea behind this is to make them get started on reading world news but it’s written in a child friendly manner and explains some concepts too

The Rupee Bleeding Value

Siddhant Bansal recently left for New York to pursue his under-graduate program. He had to shell out a whopping Rs 72000 to get USA Dollars (USD) 1000 for his daily expenses. Just 8 months back, around January, he would have had to spend only about Rs 64000 for the same. Currently, the rupee is at its record lowest value against the dollar. The fall and rise of a currency, (unless they are fixed by their government) depends on a large number of factors. Internal factors mainly the monetary policy includes targeted inflation and interest rates in the country. Inflation is…