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Sessions begin March 30th, 2020

Welcome to Eager Readers

Eager Readers is a Reading, Writing, Public Speaking and Drama School for kids Our primary focus is to enhance reading amongst kids in Hyderabad. We are also a digital platform where we provide information on books, news articles, and all sorts of information on reading.

Kids on signing up can take part in our quizzes, contests. Our team also trains students to appear for Trinity college London speech & drama exams.


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Students of Eager Readers win New York Times Podcast Competition - Get...

Greetings from Eager Readers ! I have some very exciting news to share. Eager Readers had a Podcast challenge in the month of April - May 2020 as part of the monthly activities. We sent 15 ent

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Kids aged 6 and up write story on dragons

As part of an Eager Readers exercise we made kids aged 6 and above do a writing activity by giving them a prompt and here are a few samples of the wonderful work of kids Writing prompt Preten

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Argumentative Writing Workshop - May 2020

Eager Readers conducted a 5 day Argumentative Writing Workshop for kids aged 10 and above. It was an intense session where kids picked their topics and were taught techniques on how to write a p

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World This Week


Thanos, most of you know who is but let me explain it to you. Thanos is a big purple guy with a gigantic army of aliens. He wants to wipe half the population of the universe because the universe has

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George Floyd Protests in the U.S.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man recently died in United States after, a Minneapolis Police Department officer, knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. His death was follo

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Education in COVID- 19 Times

Every child across the globe always dreams, not attending the school and relax peacefully at  their homes with none of the studies  and this very wish  of theirs has now come true, with the

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